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leavantguardian heeft gevraagd: uhh... You can't be a feminist and a cam girl. Well, I suppose by your logic you could be. But if you think you are supporting equal rights and freedom for women by using your own body as a sexual object to make money off of men fetishing you, you have a really twisted devotion of feminism. See, in my strain of feminist, woman are equal, if not better than men and deserve to be treated equal, if not better (chivalry) in everyday UNLESS they sell themselves as a sexual object. Btw, your cute :D





lmao feminism to me is when a woman does whatever the fuck she wants to, as long as she feels empowered by it then she is. your definition is limited. people who do sex work are no fucking less deserving of respect than anyone else. don’t tell me I’m cute when you literally just said you have no respect for me? people who do sex work are also not defined by their jobs, and it is a job with very high demand. I’m successful and doing better financially than most people my age and happier than I’ve been in my entire life. I don’t tolerate bullshit in my room and everyone treats me with respect because I deserve to be respected, whether I’m naked or not. humans are sexual, get over it and please don’t come back to my ask box.

ALSSOOOO what???

look at this.

see this shitstain^^^ this is what being a shitty feminist looks like.

I’m not being sarcastic or anything; but isn’t feminism’s goal for women to be treated as equals (NOT better), because people are EQUAL and don’t deserve special treatment?

This is an honest question.


We have been treated as less than human for hundreds of years? 

also for someone to come into someone elses inbox and be like “hey u girl u are deffo not a real fem because IN MY STRAIN OF FEM WHICH IS THE BEST ONE BECAUSE WE ARE PIECES OF BUTTCRACKS we undermine you as sexworkers so you are still less than humans because even though you are just doing your fucking JOB i am going to criticize you for it and bring up the fact that you’re a fucking woman and attack you for that specific reason.” Then you talk to me about equality when all I see is one-sided misogyny and whorephobic remarks thrown at us. Feminists understand we have internalized misogyny and we know we live in a patriarchal society in which the norm is to be seen as less than fucking human already by the mere fact that we’re women. But ooooh let a feminist get a fucking job in the sex industry and everyone gets so angry because she’s taking agency (forbid it be sexual) in her own life?? excuse u but the fuck outta my face rn

and back handed compliments are rude as shit